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No wonder it’s called la la land. It’s almost.. not even real it’s so good. Where getting a dairy free coconut milk ice cream is no big deal and everyone’s smiling, there’s home gardens commonly found in back yards and even a neighborhood with a beautiful canal running through it and houses with buddhas and peace signs on them. It.was.heaven. I’ve included some photos I causally took of the trip Vasili and I made there in February – the beaches we laid out on, oysters at Neptune’s Net, my visit with a photographer friend and also a few photos I took of the friends we stayed with. I loved my time there so much that I’m already planning on coming back in June and taking on family photography sessions and couple or engagement photography sessions.. heck I’m even up for any rad couples thinking of getting married along the West coast. Speaking of, we have our first wedding photography shoot of the year this weekend in Key West.  The idea of shooting on a beach again is a delightful thought after dealing with this brutal, unrelenting winter Chicago has so kindly gifted us this year.

So, yeah, if you’re interested in having a photography session with me when I return in June or any time really!) shoot me an email and tell me all about you and the amazing things you want me to capture in your life. info@simplybysuzy.com


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above: While visiting a photographer friend, of course I couldn’t resist snapping a few shots of her cute kid. And so funny the difference in the average child vs. a photographer’s child.. I looked through my view finder to check my settings and the focus. All of a sudden this little face pops up in my shot and I’m like, oh hey! You want your picture taken! Snap! 

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above: portrait de Batman.



above: Vasili flying his drone – sorry, aerial device.. aerial video device? Eh I forget, but it’s so crazy the footage he got of the landscapes! Perhaps that would make for a good blog post on another day..

venice canals family photographers

home garden venice canals

above: Vasili and I walked through the Venice Canals for fun a few times just to look at all the cool houses. It’s amazing how much personality you can see in each of the homes. 

venice canals family photographer

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above: in the middle of our trip we drove to Vegas so I could do a little one-day inspirational photography class. 

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above: It’s hard to see here because the photo is so small on the blog, but my favorite part of this image are the grains on sand all over Brixy’s tongue. 

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above: My friends said they weren’t photogenic.. pshhh. 

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Above and below: there were so many photographers on this beach it was unbelievable, though I suppose not all that unbelievable considering the scenery. 



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