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chicago photographers | myView “water”

So just like everything else in my life, things have been so hectic and crazy these days I’m totally lagging behind on my myView project (if you’re not sure what I’m referring to, check out my first myView post).  But now that I’m back from vacation with a refreshed mind, body and soul, I thought I’d push through and actually get one up this week 🙂

And how appropriate that this week’s topic was “water.”  Not only did I just spend the last week wading around in Earth’s most glorious source of it (the ocean of course!), but also I happened to come home yesterday from running errands to find the most heart-warming scene in my bathroom – Vasili scrubbing down Lucky in the tub with Bentley watching close-by.  Actually, besides the obvious, water has been quite the focus of my life in lieu of the multiple home water births that I’ve attended in the past few months and also the fact that I often find my creative inspiration or solutions to a problem by standing in the shower for countless hours on end.

Next to the moon, water is one of my favorite things.  It’s one of the most abundant resources in our planet and each molecule of water is made of a mere 2 atoms of Hydrogen and 1 Oxygen, yet despite its simplicity we could not survive without it.  Did you know that one theory even suggests that our planet was once showered with meteorites that brought water to it slowly over time, providing one of the necessary ingredients for life here on Earth?  (I apologize, sometimes the scientist within me likes to make an appearance every now and again lol) Anyway, without going on too much of a tangent, for whatever reason (besides maybe my body being 70% made of it..) water just feels so naturally good to me. Lucky, on the other hand, may seriously disagree with me.. hehe

  • Melissa Grooters - LOL! Poor Lucky! He looks so pitiful! I have to say, bathing a dog in the tub seems way easier when they’re that size as opposed to my mutt! :oP Glad you got your post up this week and that you had a wonderful vacation.

  • Marcela - LOL!! Oh Suzy, these are priceless! He looks resigned to the indignity of the bath. Fabulous. Can’t wait to hear about your trip. 😀

  • Rachael - lol…nice! He is going to get you for that…you can see it in his eyes!

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