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chicago newborn photographers | best splurges on yourself after giving birth

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Now that I’m thinking about welcoming our second baby this fall, I’m starting to give thought to all of the things I did right and all of the things I want to do better this time around.. Like, I probably wasted over a thousand dollars on rockers and bassinets trying to find something our daughter would sleep in but alas she only wanted to be with us so I’m definitely not wasting money on those things again. Also my husband and I did not do aaaanyyy prep on our marriage before our daughter’s birth so this time we’ve got at least 2-4 appointments a month as well as a trip planned for just the two of us before this new little woman arrives. Some things we did do right, however, was to pre-make and freeze a month’s worth of soups and stews. That was seriously the BEST decision we ever made so I’ve literally scheduled a whole week for this in October. And hands down, one of my absolute favorite things I did for myself last time was to splurge on products to make my shower and bath time feel extra good because let me tell you, there is nothing better than those first showers you take after coming home from the hospital. Whether this is your first baby or second or tenth, I decided to put together a list of some of my favorite splurges in these categories to help make your post-birth shower ritual that much more luxurious.

chicago newborn photographers
  1. True Botanicals Body Mask
  2. Vitner’s Daughter botanical face oil
  3. Agent Nateur unisex deodorant (lavendar and eucalyptus)
  4. Agent Nateur rose deodorant (rose)
  5. Organic Monica + Andy lounge robe (seriously the best robe you will ever find for post partum days. The fabric is not only organic but it’s a really soft, light weight material that is so perfect for how much you sweat in those first weeks after birth.)
  6. True Botanicals shampoo , conditioner and body wash (I did a LOT of research into organic body products and True Botanicals wins for best shampoo, conditioner and body wash. I wasn’t too impressed by their face serums but the shampoo, conditioner & body wash are really great products).

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