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chicago family photographers | when is the best time of day to schedule a photoshoot in the summer

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I’ve been photographing kids and families for almost 12 years so I can safely sat at this point that I can work in any lighting situation. However, if given the opportunity to schedule under the most ideal conditions, hands down I would say in the summer time that would be the first two hours after sunrise. As painful as it is for everybody to be up and out the door by 5 or 6am, it is well worth the effort. Not only are those first two hours of the morning the most beautiful and flattering light to work with, but trust me when I say that past 8 am the temperature is just way too hot for everyone in July and part of August (which is especially significant for babies, toddlers and pregnant mamas). You can certainly try, and I have successfully photographed families mid day in summer, but after 8am there is a much higher chance that someone is going to have a major melt down from the heat and those perfect outfits you planned will be covered in sweat. Still on th fence about weather or not its worth it wake up that early for your family photoshoot? Here’s an example of a mom and baby session I did at 7 am during that perfect time. We even picked a spot that had a flooded area of the beach which made for the perfect reward for the little one to strip down and play in the water. Not only did it make for some really sweet, authentic moments of play time and joy but the light sparkling on the water was perfection. Double win!

mom and baby photography session at the beach
family photography session at the beach
mom and baby playing in water
chicago lifestyle family photographer
lifestyle chicago family photography
chicago family photographers
chicago lifestyle family photographers
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Simply by Suzy is Chicago’s premier lifestyle photography studio specializing in family photography, maternity photography, birth photography and newborn photography. If you’re interested in booking a family or mom and baby photoshoot with me click HERE. To see more of Suzy’s mom and baby photoshoots click HERE and HERE.

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