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I'm Suzy of Simply by Suzy, and I'm so happy you're here at my blog because I can't wait to serve you with lots of good stuff like a peek into all of my favorite photoshoots for clients, freebies and resources on motherhood, how to get more connected with your life, and how to take beautiful pictures of it. 

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Check out more of this family's lifestyle newborn session at home after they welcomed their third baby. Dirty dishes, silly toddlers and all.

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Like so many of us, the Virus that Shant Be Named is impacting our lives in a lot of ways more than just having to stay home and not being able to find toilet paper. For some of us it might mean welcoming a new baby and not being able to have a photographer there […]

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It’s 11 at night and I’m sitting up typing this in my robe, inspired by my excitement that tomorrow I get to have the first full day alone with my daughter, Lenni. I haven’t time alone with her since before Rhea was born, so probably about 4 months! Lately has been challenging for lots of […]

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Now that I have a toddler, having to shovel my car out of 3 feet of snow has become the least of my worries. Now, it’s wondering how on earth am I going to entertain my kid without spending a small fortune. We’ve had 2 winters now trying to get crafty so to save you […]


When I got pregnant with my first child I had been working as a photographer for about 9 years. And I had photographed enough home births to know that for sure, that was going to be my birth story too. I envisioned having all of my friends and midwives around me, feeding me fruit and […]

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Although being in the hospital those first few days after having a baby can be totally crazy and you feel like absolute hell, there’s nothing like the magic of that first 48 hours. That time where your baby is so teeny tiny, the way they wriggle their arms and legs around, totally disoriented, like they’re […]

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