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I'm Suzy of Simply by Suzy, and I'm so happy you're here at my blog because I can't wait to serve you with lots of good stuff like a peek into all of my favorite photoshoots for clients, freebies and resources on motherhood, how to get more connected with your life, and how to take beautiful pictures of it. 

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Picking outfits, getting your kids to behave, the sheer logistics of getting ready and out the door, cleaning up perfectly... planning a big amazing photoshoot of your family can seem daunting and stressful for some. Read about an alternative way to approach your family photoshoot experience so it's easy and FUN.

redefining the family photoshoot experience


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To be honest, I’m one of those people that has loathed having a photoshoot done of my family (I have 2 scorpio children and a gemini if that explains anything). Well, actually, I should clarify that I started to loathe having photos taken of us after we had our second child and things became more […]

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top lifestyle family photographers in chicago

It took me 13 years, but I finally hired a virtual assistant – her name is Jen Madigan and she is the BEST. Last year was the first full year I had her as part of my team and just like everyone told me I would feel, I wish I had done it so much […]

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best lifestyle newborn photographer

“Do I put my pricing on my website or not?” I have so often heard this question, and asked it myself. As a photographer, is it better to put pricing on my website or not? In my earlier years of business I did not have my pricing up on my website for all to see. […]

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chicago lifestyle film family photographers

This year I’ve discovered that one of my absolute favorite things to do is to meet up and photograph another mom who loves taking photos as much as I do. Like, really just loves having fun with it. Loves to play dress up in different outfits and create different ‘scenes’ together. It’s truly the ultimate […]

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At a time where there isn’t a whole lot to do, my job has felt a new level of servitude to clients as a photoshoot has become so much more than just creating beautiful photos. Booking a photo session has really become such an experience for families this year as everything is shut down and […]

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