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chicago newborn photographers | the secret to getting the most out of your pro photoshoot

Everyone has different reasons for why they want photos, but Imma let you in on a little secret, what the number one thing is that will get you the most out of your time with me or any other pro photographer…

Letting go and being open.

I know that sounds so overly simplistic but I’ll explain what I mean and why this will help you at your photoshoot.

When you hire me to come photograph your life, I’m not just there to take pictures. I mean, I am there to take pictures of you but in order for me to create my best work, I have to get to know you first. So while I might be the professional and I’ve got 10 years under my belt of experience working with any kind of light and knowing how to guide families through a photo session together, how to navigate when someone is grumpy or tired or just doesn’t feel comfortable getting their picture taken…  my skills and experience will only go so far.

In order to truly tap into my utmost ability to take great photos of your family, the best of what I have to give, you have to be ready to go with the flow during your session and let go.  Liiiiike, if your kids are freaking out, just keep your chill and take a second to soothe them or give them a bottle or hold them instead of doling out punishments. Because I can still make a beautiful photo out of even a hard moment with your kids (and I’d even bet that those ones will be your favorites).

Orrrr let’s say you didn’t have time to clean. Instead of getting super stressed out and franticly trying to hide everything, let me take some pictures of the mess while you finish getting ready with your hair in a towel still (don’t worry, like 90% of the pictures I’ll make sure we still make things look clean and pretty if that’s what you prefer).

Or if your significant other is kind of being a grump ass because he/she really hates taking pictures, give them a hug and tell em’ thank you so much for doing this for you because you know it’s hard for them. And I promise I’ll help you put them at ease too.

Aside from letting go, you also have to be willing to show up open and ready for me to SEE you. Ready to be open to connect with your family, play with your kids, smother your partner in kisses and hugs and laugh together because it’s kind of awkward but totally fun. You have to be ready to be yourself. And if you’re struggling with that, tell me or whoever your photographer is. If they’re good at what they do then I promise they can help you.

So, when you book your photographer, whether it’s me or someone else, or even just you and your partner taking pictures of your own family, you have to be willing to let go and be open be the camera is out.

To see what I mean, scroll down and check out this shoot I had with a family who did such a great job of that.

Also, I put together this 5 day connection challenge for families to help make photo time more fun and less stressful (whether that means you taking pics of your family or at your own professional photoshoot). It’s free and it’s awesome. Click HERE. 

xo Suzy

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