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learn how to take your own newborn photos

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Are you about to welcome a little one and sad or disappointed because you can’t have a pro photographer with you, or can’t afford one?

Then this is for you.

Because having beautiful photos to capture any milestone, especially the birth of a new little one, is such a big part of celebrating major life events. Great pictures allows us to share with friends and family and help them share in our joy… photographs help us to process events, good or bad, and move forward and let go… having beautiful photos we can create a visual inventory of all the great things in our life and a legacy to pass down to our children one day… and they are a memento for us parents to treasure as our babies grow older and each phase has passed. So yeah, it is a complete disappointment to say the least to suddenly be faced with having to cancel your photographer coming to photograph life with your new baby.

But you need not worry. You can still have incredible photos of the birth of your baby, and better yet. You can learn how to have incredible photos of any great moment in your life and not just those that you’re with a professional and I can help you.

Having been a photographer for 12 years and now being a mom myself, I know more than ever how important it is to have great pictures of my kids and my family so I decided last year to create an online photography course for parents to help moms and dads learn how to start taking beautiful images of their lives and how to actually get their kids and partners to cooperate. Whether it’s the birth of your baby or a seemingly small moment in the midst of every day life at home, my course will teach you how to take great pictures even when you aren’t able to have a professional photographer around.

And to help you get started, my husband and I put together this video below to teach you how to take milk bath photos of your new baby for free! It’s also a preview of what kind of content is in the full course and how the lessons are structured. The videos are all about 2-8 minutes long with one big 15 minute lesson on how to take your own newborn photos as my goal was to make them quick and easy to digest (as a parent I understand how precious time is with kids around).

CLICK HERE to check out more of my online Photography Course for Parents so you can quickly learn how to take beautiful photos of your life. Don’t miss out on the joy of having great images to celebrate a big milestone in your life like your new baby’s arrival or a birthday or even just to tell the story of how your family is spending every day life together.

How to take Milk bath photos of your baby from Suzzane Brown on Vimeo.

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