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virtual photoshoots | how to take great pictures of your family right now

Filed in: family, film

Summer is approaching, maybe you’re about to give birth and you wanted to book a newborn session orrrr you just really had your heart set on hiring someone to take family pictures just because. But now we’re all stuck at home and there’s no end in sight to social distancing and you’re heartbroken thinking that getting pictures this year might never happen.

Well I’ve got a solution for you (and though I’m based out of Chicago, this could be for you whether from this area or another state or country)

Looking back at my photoshoots with families from last year the realization came to me that, while I am good at taking pictures of people, one of my greatest gifts is helping families have fun and connect with each other. Because having an hour or two where you hang out with your kids and your partner and you play with them and have fun, that genuine experience together is truly what lays the foundation for great pictures.

Which is why I’m now offering virtual photo sessions where I will not only direct you into great moments and photos of your family over FaceTime or zoom, but I’ll be teaching YOU how to take the pictures.

This year my husband and I launched our very first online Photography Course for Parents so we could teach moms and dads how to finally start taking great pictures of their family (with their iPhone or big camera). This feels like the perfect option of not only getting beautiful photos of your life right now at a time where you might otherwise not, but also getting the opportunity to have a private lesson with me on how to use your camera, how to see light to take a great picture, and how to capture your most beautiful moments. So you can walk away from our time together with the tools to take awesome pictures of your family and not just when you’re with a pro photographer. Because whether it’s a global pandemic or no one is available for the time that you need a photographer or you simply can’t afford to hire one, I want you to be able to have great photos of your life any time you want.

I’ve been photographing families for over 12 years but now being a mom, I know more than ever how many of our greatest moments as parents happen with our kids when no one else is around.

Best of all, if you’ve ever wanted to work with me but you live in another state or country, well now is your chance to finally get a shoot in with me (did I mention I’m really great at teaching and making things fun?)

Click HERE to reach out and learn more about how this kind of virtual photoshoot works with me and if it’s right for your family.

Keep scrolling down to enjoy some photos I took of last summer for a family and get inspired on how we could work together to create beautiful images of YOUR life right now xoxo


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