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Making a family photoshoot fun

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This year I’ve discovered that one of my absolute favorite things to do is to meet up and photograph another mom who loves taking photos as much as I do. Like, really just loves having fun with it. Loves to play dress up in different outfits and create different ‘scenes’ together. It’s truly the ultimate adult play date! (or at least this is my version of it)

I discovered this after coaching other pro photographers and often hearing them say directly or indirectly, “Suzy I just don’t really love my work, I want to fall in love with my work.” Because as I coached others how to work through that, I realized that I had actually fallen out of love with my work in the last few years also! So the idea of having the ultimate adult play date is something that came to me after weeks of journaling and asking myself, really what do I love about photography? What feels super fun to me right now? If I were just creating for myself and set up something that felt really enjoyable and playful, what would that be? So I met up with Sara Covey and her family and together we made that vision come to life.

After our photo play date, when I went through the images, something that surprised me most was how much I loved the portraits we took on a pink backdrop I brought with me. I don’t typically do portraits and if I’m being honest I’ve always viewed them as sterile and without feeling vs lifestyle photos. This is not true of course but simply an inaccurate belief I once held, and I think a common belief amongst those of us photographers who do lifestyle work. We want our work to feel honest and perhaps when we set up a photo in a very intentional way on a backdrop or in a studio we believe it can’t be as ‘real’ as something that is simply unfolding in a natural environment we didn’t create. I have started to ask myself lately what needs to happen in order for a photo to feel real and honest? Is it the content of the image? Is it the moment that happened and whether we set it up or not? Or is it simply whether or not there was a real and true connection between the subject and the picture taker? Maybe all of these are ingredients that, together or separately, can create a photograph that makes you feel something.

Anyway, here are some of my favorite images from the shoot. I hope they make you as happy as I felt taking them xo

Also here’s a song I listened to on the car drive on repeat almost the whole way there to get me in that playful, care-free mood I hoped to bring to the session itself

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If you liked this shoot you should also click HERE to check out a recent pregnancy photoshoot I had with a similar fun, editorial vibe to it. Or if you’re interested in creating this kind of photoshoot for you and your family, click HERE to send me a note. I would looooove to create the ultimate adult play date with you and some amazing artwork for your family.

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