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how to have a safe pregnancy photoshoot at home

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At a time where there isn’t a whole lot to do, my job has felt a new level of servitude to clients as a photoshoot has become so much more than just creating beautiful photos. Booking a photo session has really become such an experience for families this year as everything is shut down and traveling feels so out of reach. There is also a lot of concern for parents though to make sure that they are engaging in activities right now that are safe, and I take my conduct very seriously in regards to making sure that the families I work with are safe when they shoot with me. For those interested in working with me right now and wondering what my own personal COVID protocols are for keeping clients safe

  • I space out my shoots and when I’m inside with a family I wear an n95 mask at all times (for photographers conducting shoots right now I highly recommend these flannon n95 masks that look chic and are really comfortable).
  • I immediately wash my hands or use hand sanitizer once I arrive at a client’s home.
  • In my own personal time our family has completely social distanced with the exception of our parents who are all practicing social distancing and at the even slightest sign of a fever, cough or headache in myself or any family member, I’ve reached out to clients and postponed shoots.

If you’re reading this as a photographer, I would encourage you to consider what your COVID safety protocols are and how you communicate that to clients. If you’re reading this as someone who wants to have a photoshoot inside right now, I would encourage you to make sure you ask any photographers you inquire with what their COVID protocols are currently in place.

Some non-COVID related tips for having a photoshoot at home and making it super fun

  • Tidy up all the main living areas of your home that have pretty natural light in that you’ll likely shoot at (bedrooms, living room, nursery).
  • Pick a few outfits. I always recommend clients wear something more cozy and casual in the bedroom (because wearing a formal outfit there just feels out of place) and a nicer outfit is great for a living room, dining, family room, yard space. Keep it simple and always make sure you pick outfits that you feel really good in.
  • Ask your photographer to zoom ahead of time! (Photographers, set up zoom calls with your client before you shoot) I can’t recommend this enough. Having your picture taken is a really vulnerable thing and to meet the person before hand makes such a difference in how comfortable you feel. It also gives you the chance to go over a plan and some ideas so you feel more confident on what to expect going into the shoot.
  • Really think about how you can make this an experience. Granted that also has a lot to do with who you book as your photographer but regardless of who you book, try to come up with a way to make your shoot really fun and comfortable and very true to your family. Have fun playing dress up and cleaning your home and tending to it before photos. Have a family game night or make a meal with your partner before the day of your shoot, put away your phones and don’t turn on the TV. Connect with your family before you get in front of the camera together.
  • If you have kids tell them all about the photoshoot that’s coming up and pump it up to them in the days leading up to it. “Oh my gosh I’m so excited!! Guess what?! Mommy’s friend Suzy is coming over this weekend and we’re going to play and have fun and make pancakes and take pictures. Doesn’t that sound really awesome?” (it sounds silly but I swear it works!)

Here is an absolute favorite favorite session of mine recently with a family who was just down to have fun together and be with each other in the preset moment. We shot in their home and then went for a very short and cold walk along the lake front like they typically do when I’m not there. It felt easy and fun, like I was simply a friend coming over to hang out and take pictures. The ultimate adult play date xo


If you or a loved one are expecting right now, click HERE to view this blog post I wrote on my favorite splurges for after you give birth (because putting just the littlest bit of intention into making things more fun goes a long way). Or if you’re interested in creating a photoshoot like this for your own family, click HERE to send me a note. I want to chat more and talk about all the fun and amazing things we could create together!

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